May 14, 2021

University of Twente Wants to Raise Profile of First Ombuds

As Han Warmelink nears the end of a two-year pilot period as Universiteit Twente's first Ombuds Officer for students and employees, campus administrators endorsed his work and indicated that the position would continue. The UT University Council also encouraged the Ombuds to increase awareness among students and staff.

After receiving the report, Mirjam Bult, vice-president of the Executive Board, underlined the importance of visibility. "We are happy with the support for this new role in the academic community. Initially, there was some hesitation from the sector about the position, but I think that we as UT have contributed to its acceptance. The fact that other universities are now also adopting an ombudsperson will hopefully contribute to awareness among staff and students about the presence of the position within our support structure." (UTodayNL.)

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