May 27, 2021

Job Posting: ETH Zurich

The world-class public research university in Switzerland is hiring an "Additional Ombudsperson" for a four-year appointment. The Ombudsstelle at ETH Zurich has four Ombuds; three are hired internally and the fourth must be an external hire. Currently, Kathrin Teuscher serves as the Additional Ombudsperson. The others are Prof. Emeritus Gerhard Tröster; Prof. Peter M. Frischknecht; and Prof. Margrit Leuthold. Together, they serve over 30,000 faculty, staff, and students, practicing to IOA standards.

There are few explicit requirements for the position, but it appears that applicants should be familiar with ETH Zurich or comparable research universities, and speak German (nearly two-thirds of cases handled in 2020 involved German speaking visitors). No salary or closing date indicated. (ETHZ Jobs; Ombudsstelle.)

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