March 10, 2022

AWI Webinar to Explore Alternatives to Workplace Investigations

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Ombuds Donna Louden will join a panel of experts for a webinar offered by the Association of Workplace Investigators. "Conflict Resolution Options to Consider Before, After, or In Place Of an Investigation" will take place on March 15, 2022, and is open to the public for $50. Louden has two decades of Ombuds experience, including stints at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and University of California, Irvine. She is a principal instructor for IOA and helped lead the creation of the virtual Foundations course.

Other panelists include Elena Acevedo Dalcourt is part of the Ethics & Investigations team at Intuit, Karen Bell is the Associate Director of Employee/Labor Relations and HR Programs for the California State University Chancellor’s Office, and Ilona Turner, who conducts impartial workplace investigations and trainings with Oppenheimer Investigations Group LLP.

More about the program:
Conflict resolution tools like mediation and restorative processes are important options for investigators and HR professionals to be aware of. Our panelists will share experiences ranging from administering ombuds programs within large institutions, piloting the use of restorative practices at a major corporation, and mediating individual workplace conflicts of all shapes and sizes. We will discuss opportunities for investigators and HR professionals to expand the services they can offer to support employees in those cases where more than an investigation is needed.

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