August 19, 2022

Call for Proposals: IOA Ombuds Training

The International Ombuds Association is seeking proposals for two new, core course offerings: "Coaching with Emotional Intelligence" and "Cultural Understandings for Ombuds." Both courses will be presented virtually over three days in four-hour blocks for a total of 12 hours. IOA wants a developer will create each course, test teach it once, and make revisions based on feedback. Then the contract will be complete and IOA will own the course. 

Here is more detail about the requested course content: 
Cultural Understandings for Ombuds 
This course intends to enhance participants’ appreciation for cultural differences and diversity to understand the role of culture in conflict resolution. This course should include an international perspective and will address identifying domains of culture while developing cultural humility and sensitivity. Aspects of culture, traditions, and values will be explored to enhance understanding of how cultural identity can influence approaches to conflict. Participants will recognize implicit bias. These concepts will allow and encourage participants to assess their own cultural understanding and that of their visitors. 
Coaching with Emotional Intelligence 
This course intends to strengthen the participants’ coaching competencies through emotional intelligence. The course will cover the coaching framework, how it relates to ombuds work, and how to use the coaching framework with visitors who present differing needs and objectives. Then the course will define emotional intelligence and lead participants through a self-assessment of their own emotional intelligence and identification of areas of improvement. For a participant’s personal emotional intelligence, the course will cover how to recognize and manage one’s own emotions and how to recognize and respond to others’ emotions. Finally, the course will examine how to use the coaching framework in order to enhance a visitor’s emotional intelligence throughout the coaching relationship. Participants will have the opportunity to practice coaching with emotional intelligence to enhance visitors’ emotional intelligence through exercises and roleplays. 
Developers will be paid a stipend of $4,200 for each course (which can be shared if there are collaborators). Developers will retain the right to adapt and teach the course separately from IOA. Proposals are due by August 26, 2022, and the pilot courses will be offered in early 2023. (IOA RFP: Coaching with EI; Cultural Understandings.)

Update 9/1/22: The RFP deadline has been extended to September 30.

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