August 15, 2022

University of Würzburg Designates Science Ombuds

The Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg (Universität Würzburg), one of the oldest universities in Germany, has appointed seven professors to serve as Ombudspersons. The new program complies with the German Research Foundation's Proposals for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice, which requires Ombuds for all institutions that seeking funding. The new University of Würzburg Ombuds are: Kristina Lorenz (Professor and Chair of Pharmacology and Toxicology); Christoph Maack (Professor and Chair of Translational Research); Thomas Haaf (Professor and Chair of Human Genetics); Petra Högger (Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Chair of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry); Robert Hock (Faculty of Biology); Catrin Gersdorf (Chair of American Studies); and Andreas Göbel (Chair of Sociology). (Uni Wurtzburg Good Scientific Practice.)

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