April 26, 2019

Yale Faculty Continue to Press for Ombuds

At its April meeting, the undergraduate faculty at Yale College revived a discussion of an Ombuds office for all university stakeholders. Yale is the only school among its "Ivy Plus" peers without a University Ombuds, though it has been considered for many years. (For many years, Yale Medical School has had an Ombudsperson, Merle Waxman.) A draft proposal for an Ombuds was favorably received by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Senate and may put up for a formal vote later this year or next.
The Senate’s pending proposal would follow up on recommendations from other University bodies to create such an office. Last year, the Graduate School Assembly renewed efforts to introduce ombudspersons on campus in the wake of increased allegations of sexual misconduct by professors and students. In 2011, the Advisory Committee on Campus Climate suggested the creation of such an office along with other recommendations as part of its report to the president and fellows of Yale. Then-University President Richard Levin turned down the item, citing concerns that the presence of such an office would conflict with the pending establishment of the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct.
(Yale Daily News.)

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