November 16, 2022

IOA Seeks Authors for First Book

The International Ombuds Association is calling for authors for its first book. Led by Shannon L. Burton (Ombuds at Michigan State University) and Loraleigh Keashly (Professor of Communication at Wayne State University), the book aims "to be a comprehensive handbook that addresses the interdisciplinary and nuanced history, theory and practices found within the field."

More details from IOA:
This handbook provides a holistic look at the work of organizational ombuds, including its historical roots, theoretical approaches in the field, sectors in which it is practiced, its organization and delivery, as well as the future of the field. Those outside of organizational ombuds often relegate it to an alternative dispute resolution function. However, it is, in fact, much more diverse a practice that stretches organizational structures, communications, human development, systemic problems and concerns, as well as conflict resolution. To comprehend the whole of organizational ombuds practice, both researchers and practitioners must have a solid footing as to what constitutes the field. This handbook hopes to provide just that. This handbook will also seek to foster inclusivity, equity, multiculturalism, and internationality in its discussions of history, theory, and practice. Final chapters should be between 5,000 – 7,000 words.
Authors should apply (with a writing sample if possible) by January 15, 2023. (IOA Call for Authors.)

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