November 07, 2022

IOA Seeks Nominations for 2023 Board

The International Ombuds Association is accepting nominations for its Board of Directors. Five member-elected directors will serve a three-year term starting in April 2023
. The five directors with terms expiring in 2023 are: Lee Twyman (current Treasurer); Hector Escalante; Sarah Klaper; Marcia Gee Riley CO-OP; and Diana Mosonyi. (IOA's Board President, Ronnie Thomson, will complete her elected board term in 2023, but will stay on another year as Immediate Past President.)

The board election process was revamped last year when IOA members approved a package of bylaws revisions. One potentially significant change this year is that only self nominations are accepted. IOA members may not nominate another member and can only encourage people to put themselves forward for consideration. Nominations are due by December 16, 2022. The election will be conducted early next year. (IOA 2023 Board Nominations.)

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