November 14, 2022

IOA to Fund New Ombuds Research

A new Research Grant Program from the International Ombuds Association will award funds for new research that investigates Organizational Ombuds. This is in addition to a separate initiative to new published research in the field. The window for grant proposals opened on November 3, 2022, and will continue until the fund are exhausted (a total amount which has not been announced). Grants will be awarded beginning in February 2023.

More details from IOA:
IOA is launching a Research Grant Program intended to facilitate research related to organizational ombuds theory and practice. Quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methodologies are welcome, as is research from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Program assessment is not funded. Successful proposals will clearly describe the development, implementation, analysis, and reporting of rigorous inquiry that investigates the organizational ombuds profession, practices, or professionals. The Research and Assessment Committee will review all completed submissions and decide on awards.

The Ombuds Profession:
  1. To Examine How Ombuds Demonstrate and Communicate Value
  2. To Better Understand the IOA Standards of Practice (SOP) and Code of Ethics (COE)
  3. To Assess the Development and Health of the Ombuds Profession
Ombuds Practices:
  1. To Explain How Ombuds Carry Out Their Work
  2. To Describe How Ombuds Gather, Use and Report Data
  3. To Determine How Ombuds Build Collaborative Relationships in Their Organizations and Profession
The Ombuds Professional:
  1. To Explore the Development, Identity, Characteristics, and Skills of Ombuds
  2. To Examine the Nature and Scope of the Ombuds Role and Position
Applicants need not be IOA members. (IOA Research Grant Program.)

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