December 05, 2022

Ombuds are Centered in ABA November 2022 Dispute Resolution Newsletter

The November 2022 issue of the American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section's newsletter, "Just Resolutions," focuses exclusively on Ombuds. Ken Skodacek and Allison Monyei Whaley, Ombuds Committee Chairs, explain: "The mission of the Ombuds Committee is to increase the public’s knowledge of ombuds, as well as to promote the establishment and use of appropriately designed, supported, and implemented ombuds programs in all types of entities."

The articles, which are available to ABA members only, include:
  • "Ombuds Origins: Defining the People behind the Practice" by Deanna Yuille Banford (Associate Ombuds at U.S. FDA) and Bina Patel (Consulting Ombuds)

    For those who make their livelihood as an Ombuds, finding an identity amongst traditional classifications is often simultaneous with having to translate that identity to the constituencies in which they practice.
  • "The Ombuds Role in Addressing Cancel Culture" by Israela Brill-Cass (Ombuds at Wesleyan University and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard)

    As an independent, confidential, nonjudgmental resource to an organization and its individual members, an Ombud is in a unique position to address clashes and effectuate meaningful organizational change.

  • "Facilitating Unprecedented Change: Conflict Resolution, Readiness & Resonance" by Ashley J. Davis (Associate Ombud at University of Washington)

    With a nation in flux, everything seems to be on the table and individuals are looking to ‘peacemakers’ or conflict resolvers to support the nation in this uncertain time.
(ABA Just Resolutions.)

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