October 01, 2019

Ombuds Committee Curates ABA Dispute Resolution Newsletter

The September 2019 issue of the American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section's newsletter, "Just Resolutions," was compiled by Editor Shannon Burton, Ombuds at Michigan State University. (The committee Co-Chairs are Elizabeth Hill and Jon Lee.) Content is behind ABA's paywall this time.

Featured articles include:
  • "Making the invisible visible: Creating a safe space in the ombudsman practice to address systemic issues on race," by Andrea Brown [Associate Ombudsman, USPTO]

    It is our responsibility as ombudsman to acknowledge difficult issues, push the envelope, and create tension for others and sometimes ourselves. As Ombudsman Emeritus at the National Institutes of Health Howard Gadlin said at the 2018 Coalition of Federal Ombudsman Annual Conference, “If we are not generating tension in our agency, then we are not doing our jobs.”  
  • "Beyond a Book Review: Dignity: Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict," by Natalie Fleury [Ombuds for Medical College of Wisconsin]

    In the interest of saving time, the main point of this article is that anyone involved in conflict resolution work should read this book. If you have a few more minutes to spare, this article will summarize some of the key points.
  • "Increasing Ombuds Effectiveness and Accountability," by Nicholas Diehl [Ombuds at Massachusetts Institute of Technology]

    As the Organizational Ombudsman field continues to grow, it is important for practitioners to find ways to measure the effectiveness of the work. I frequently receive questions from people, both inside and outside of my organization, about what success looks like for an ombuds office.
(ABA Just Resolutions.)

Revised 10/2/19: Credit given to Shannon Burton for editing the newsletter.

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