December 02, 2022

Podcast Interview with Pinterest Ombuds

Law and politics researcher İdil Elveriş has another podcast with an Ombuds for her podcast ,"We can Find a Way." This time, she interviews Donna Douglass Williams, CO-OP, the Head of Ombuds at Pinterest. Williams shares her perspective as one of the few Ombuds in tech and her experience with workplace conflict.

Here's the summary:
Donna Douglass Williams is the Head of Ombuds at Pinterest, one of the first Ombuds programs in the tech sector. Ombuds is a confidential, impartial, informal resource that provides support to the workforce in navigating work challenges, developing constructive resolutions to conflicts, and aims to promote an inspired workplace culture. Donna described what led to the development of the ombuds program and how work places shifted from fighting conflicts to another culture. She described what kind of issues arise as conflict at work and how ombuds programs will evolve in the future.

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