February 11, 2023

Internship: Austin Community College District

The community college system in Texas is seeking an Ombuds Assistant/Intern. Reporting to ACCD's First Ombudsman, Amanda Dean, the part-time position will observe Ombuds meetings, participate in case debrief and assist with data entry, design and implement trainings, and help develop and execute monthly outreach.

The job is open to applicants with an undergraduate degree and, preferably, working toward a graduate degree in a conflict related field. The position pays $22 per hour. Applications for the position (which was posted on February 11) are due by February 12, 2023. [Yes, that's correct, the application window for this internship with a state entity is open for just two weekend days.] (ACCD Posting via HERC.)

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  1. Yes, we met the policy requirement to post the opening And, trust us on this, we did not identify our successful candidate prior to posting the opportunity.