February 13, 2023

JFF Interviews Chevron’s Ombuds

Jobs for the Future, a national nonprofit that drives change in the American workforce and education systems to achieve economic advancement for all, recently interviewed Chevron’s Principal Ombuds Manager, Sana Manjeshwar. In addition to exploring how Manjeshwar makes an impact on Chevron, the interview also traces her personal history and path to the Ombuds profession.

The interview provides insights on the value of an Ombuds program:
How do you know the ombuds program is working? What does success look like?

For us, success is a combination of usage, presence, trends, and effectiveness. Currently, 3% to 4% of our employee population uses our ombuds program which is the benchmark of an effective ombuds program by the International Ombudsman Association. Of the 3% to 4%, about half are outside the United States, which is an improvement from when I started. We are already seeing increased usage of our service outside the United States as we continue to provide awareness of our services to our international employees.

Measuring the presence of the program is difficult, but it presents the biggest opportunity for change at scale. Our goal is to be an indispensable advisor to our company leaders when they are making key decisions that impact employees, trying to figure out how to communicate and implement a workplace change, empowering a rich feedback culture, or working to resolve a workplace conflict.

We also monitor our effectiveness by keeping track of the percentage of visitors who have been able to resolve their matter informally or who were able to surface their concerns through a formal channel. We provide high-level aggregated, anonymous feedback to business leaders on issues of concern to their employees.

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