February 08, 2023

IOA Opens Election for 2023 Board of Directors

Members are now voting for the next slate of IOA's Board of Directors. Ten candidates are running for five open seats with three-year terms starting in April 2023
. The nomination process was revamped last year when IOA members approved a package of bylaws revisions. Among other changes, IOA members are no longer allowed to nominate colleagues. Now, only self nominations are accepted.

The Ombuds Blog does not endorse candidates; information is provided only for reference. Candidate statements and biographies are available to members on the IOA website. Here are the nominees, along links to any prior posts:
Election results will be announced to IOA members in March following the election. New officers will be elected in April following the Annual Meeting. (IOA Election Info.)

Updated 2/9/23: Corrected info for election results announcement and link to webpage.

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  1. as always, appreciation for everyone willing to step up for board service.