May 26, 2023

Job Posting: Denver Public Schools

DPS, the second largest public school system in Colorado, is hiring an Associate Ombudsperson. It is not clear whether this is a search to expand the DPS Office of the Ombuds or to replace a former staff member. (Until recently, Darlene LeDoux was the Ombudsperson and Antoinette Hudson was the Associate Ombuds; the office's website now only lists Hudson.) The position will assist in providing Ombuds services for 15,000 DPS employees across more than 200 school sites.

Applicants must have a Bachelor's degree and three years of relevant experience. A Master's degree, ADR training, education or public sector experience, and Spanish fluency are all preferred. The position pays $80,159 to $92,962 per year. No closing date. (DPS Careers; LinkedIn.)


  1. When Grand Rapids is paying $150k, it is hard to believe that a city as large as Denver can image that sub-$100k is a reasonable salary.

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  3. Syracuse school district $150,00+ Grand Rapids the same. Duke $240,000. Tennessee at $200,000. It is time for other orgs to figure out that ombuds should not be looked at as sub-$100,000 positions.