May 23, 2023

Call for Contributors: Ombuds in Emerging Sectors

Natalie C. Fleury, one of the Ombuds at the Medical College of Wisconsin, is working on the Emerging Sectors in Ombuds Practice Chapter for the International Ombuds Association’s first book, The Organizational Ombuds: Foundations, Fundamentals & Its Future. (See below for the description of "emerging sectors.") If you are working in a sector that you feel should be part of that chapter, please reach out by 4:00 pm Central on June 1st. (Emerging Ombuds.)

Here is the IOA description of "Emerging Sectors in Ombuds Practice":
Historically, the ombuds field has discussed four sectors where work takes place: academic, corporate, governmental and international. In recent years, organizational ombuds have begun to expand into new arenas as organizations have come to see their value and importance in addressing conflict. Some of these sectors include healthcare, faith-based organization, and professional associations. This chapter will explore the emergence of these unique sectors and provide an outline for considerations as other sectors emerge in our current era.

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