August 28, 2023

Asian Development Bank Posts 2022 Ombuds Report

ADB's Ombudsman, Wayne Blair, reports that his office handled 536 cases in 2022, essentially unchanged after a large increase last year. Like the rest of the Bank, Blair's office has returned to a hybrid workplace: coming into the office three days a week. He said, "It has also been interesting to note how some issues we have observed are not all new nor caused by the hybrid work arrangement but may have been exacerbated by it." As in previous years, the report also includes case studies that other Ombuds will find valuable. (ADB Ombuds 2022 Report.) 

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  1. Thank you for featuring the ADB Office of the Ombudsperson 2022 Annual Report on the Ombuds Blog. Readers are invited to take advantage of the interactive features of the report which is, for the first time, now fully accessible to everyone. Explore the report here: