September 09, 2010

ATF Seeks Bids for Ombuds Service

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has issued a solicitation for facilitation and mediation support services for its Ombuds office. The Bureau will be hiring a vendor to provide these services for administrative workplace disputes for bureau employees that are in the field as well as headquarters.

The solicitation calls for the following tasks to be provided during a 24-hour work week:
(a) Provide planning and assessment of workplace disputes for headquarters and the field
(b) Consult with staff on proposed methods of addressing perceived problems
(c) Conduct follow up sessions with employees in order to assess progress and recommend changes when necessary
(d) Provide guidance, during facilitations and follow up with employees to assess the effectiveness of the facilitation process
(e) Establish and maintain critical working alliances with a diverse professional network and refer employees for ongoing assistance (EAP)
(f) Debrief supervisors and higher level managers, provide internal support and counseling following a facilitation
(g) Provide support and guidance for bi-weekly Caregivers Support Group
(h) Provide assistance, guidance, consultation to the Peer Responder/Chaplain Program Manager, as needed
(i) Develop curriculum specifically for law enforcement that deals with coping with the emotional dynamic and learning to survive
The contract covers the period September 25, 2010 through March 24, 2012, with options for an additional four years. Some travel is expected. Applications are due September 15. (Federal Business Opportunities.)

There is no information on why ATF is subcontracting this service rather than hiring an employee into its existing program.

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