September 22, 2010

University of West Georgia Ombuds Office Issues Annual Report

The Ombuds Office at UWG has released its second annual report showing that the new program continues to be a vital service for the campus. In the 14½-months ended June 30, 2010, the office handled 105 cases: 45% were administrators or staff; 12% were faculty; and 43% were students.

The UWG Ombuds office uses the IOA Uniform Reporting Categories and reported that the top issues were evaluative relationships, services/administrative issues, and peer and colleague relationships. The report also indicated that Bruce W. Lyon, who helped establish the office, had been replaced by John R. Fuller, a professor of criminology, in January, 2010. Patricia Pinkard continues to serves as Ombuds primarily for staff. (UWG 2010 Ombuds Report.)

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