September 16, 2010

Profile of Binghamton University Ombuds

Dawn Osborne-Adams, who was hired as Binghamton's Ombuds in June, is profiled in the latest issue of the campus newsletter. She says she might have been predisposed to work as an Ombuds because her father once served in the role for McDonald’s franchisees.

Although she is new to the campus and still getting a sense of the community, she is already busy with cases. Osborne-Adams also acknowledged the work of her predecessors.
“The nature of this position is related to trust, and that’s part of why I came to this particular office. This office was set up according to the standards of practice and has enjoyed a good reputation in the field and on campus,” she added. “I owe a debt of gratitude to all of the ombudsmen who have come before me here. This office does have a reputation of trust – as a place where problems can be heard and as a place of integrity.”
The article points out that Osborne-Adams is a member of the International Ombudsman Association and adheres to the IOA’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. (Inside Binghamton University.)

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  1. Dawn is predisposed to being a natural leader!