September 08, 2010

University of Texas Medical Branch Ombuds Describes His Career Path

Vince Loffredo, who serves as UTMB's Ombuds and Associate VP of Student Services, is profiled in the campus online newsletter. The article highlights Loffredo's sense of humor and includes a photo of the Ombuds in a Superman costume.

Loffredo graduated Syracuse University and came to Texas to work as an exercise physiologist and intern trainer for the Dallas Cowboys football team. He was a founding faculty member and director of Wellness at Montgomery College in the Woodlands and worked briefly at Texas A&M and American Intercontinental University in Houston. He joined UTMB as an academic counselor in the School of Nursing and was promoted to associate dean of Student Affairs. (UTMB Impact.)

The story unfortunately does not draw a distinction between his work as an Ombuds, which is neutral, and his work in student affairs, which requires advocacy.

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