September 27, 2010

Survey Finds Trust, Openness and Fairness are Key Organizational Objectives for the Next Decade

According to a new survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, the biggest investment challenge facing organizations over the next 10 years is obtaining human capital and optimizing human capital investments. According to the HR professionals surveyed, the most effective tactic to attract and retain people is to provide work/life flexibility for employees. The second most effective tactic is to create a organizational culture where trust, open communication and fairness are emphasized and demonstrated by leaders.

Overall, 47% of HR professionals said that a culture of trust, open communication and fairness was an organizational objective for the coming decade. Nonprofit (63%) organizations were more likely than publicly owned for-profits (40%) and privately owned for-profits (43%) to report this was an important tactic. (SHRM Challenges in the Next 10 Years.)

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