September 24, 2010

Corporate Ombuds Group Meeting Set for October 14-15

Halliburton is sponsoring the 2010 Corporate Ombudsman Roundtable in Houston, Texas on October 14 and 15, 2010. The agenda features presentations and discussions aimed at capitalizing resources, maximizing outreach to management and employees, and reinforcing the message about the Ombuds program. Participants also will review Ombuds best practices from a global perspective.

The tentative agenda for the roundtable:
Day 1
  • Ombuds Business Discussion
  • Ombuds & the Stakeholders - Engaging management & the board
  • Ombuds & the Stakeholders – Program users
  • IOA Certification
  • Q&A from Attendees

  • Culture & Trends – How to Ombuds around the world
  • Part I - A panel discussion with HR or Legal reps from various local organizations
  • Part II - A Q&A/brainstorming session for the reps and Ombuds to learn from each other
  • Legislative Updates Affecting Ombuds Work
  • Closing
For more information and to reserve a spot, contact Jayla Henry at the Halliburton Dispute Resolution Program (Jayla [dot] Henry [at-sign] halliburton [dot] com).

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