September 28, 2010

Profile of New Ombuds at University of Ottawa

Lucie Allaire, who was appointed as the first Ombudsperson for the University of Ottawa in June, is profiled in the local independent student newspaper. Allaire said she is excited to begin the new position, which was first proposed in 1990. “I’ve been really welcomed. I really feel that the time was right for the university to have this position,” she said.

Caroline Bouchard, university affairs commissioner for the Graduate Student Association, explained that the Ombuds will be completely geared towards the U of O’s concerns, specifically policy-making positions. “Right now we don’t want the ombudsperson to be something set in stone, or based on another university. It really has to be reflecting the reality of the University of Ottawa, which is a very politicized campus.” (The Fulcrum.)

1 comment:

  1. i hope the ombudsman can truly provide an indepedent position between students and the administration. At the university of ottawa, if the administration is at war with the student, the student looses., it does not matter whether the student has paid thousands of dollars to the university. The university can affect the students career prospects, but the administration only cares about protecting the professor, and not the poor student. The student alaways looses!!!