February 26, 2013

ACR Call for Submissions: Organizational Dispute Resolution

The Conflict Resolution Quarterly is seeking articles before June 1, 2013 for a colloquy edition on organizational dispute resolution, including the work of Ombuds.  Articles may focus on any aspect of the conflict resolution process or context, but a primary focus is the behavior, role and impact of third parties in effectively handling conflict at all levels, from the interpersonal to the international. All theoretical and methodological orientations are welcome. 

Submission of scholarship with the following emphases is encouraged:.
  • Designing dispute management or prevention systems for organizations (including workplace, employment) .
  • Evaluation methods for ADR/Conflict Management in organizations.
  • Best practices in conducting organizational ADR/Conflict Management.
  • Training methods for ADR practitioners leading interventions in organizations.
  • Methods of culture change in dysfunctional organizations.
  • Ethical dilemmas and/or ethical guidelines for practitioners engaged in organizational ADR/Conflict Management.
  • An analysis of the growth in use of ADR in organizations and outlook for the future of this practice area.
  • Learning from failed processes: What lessons can be learned from efforts that did not meet the goals of their sponsors and participants?
  • Growth of use of Ombudsmen, patient care advocates and related internal experts.
  • Other topics relevant to improving the theory and practice of conflict resolution within an organizational setting.
Submissions received after the deadline may be considered for another issue of of CRQ, which is published by the Association for Conflict Resolution.  (ACR Call for Submissions.)

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