February 08, 2013

University of Colorado Ombuds Talks About Workplace Bullying

A video recently posted to YouTube captures Tom Sebok's presentation at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth for National Conflict Resolution Day on October 18, 2012.  Sebok is the University Ombudsperson for the University of Colorado at Boulder.  The focus of his talk is "Bullying in the Workplace" and he engages the audience in a discussion about how bullying and mobbing are defined and addressed.

The video open with a great line: "People don't come and waste their time going to an Ombuds office to talk about things that they don't believe are true.  They typically come because they think what they are telling us are exactly the truth -- from their perspective."  The event was hosted by William King the Ombuds at UMass Dartmouth. (YouTube.)

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