February 28, 2013

Sexual Assault Report from University of Michigan Reaffirms Ombuds' Confidentiality

The 2011-12 annual report from the UM Office of Student Conflict Resolution outlines how the university helps students manage and resolve conflict. The report notes that one of the most significant recent events has been a shift in the procedure for responding to reports of student sexual misconduct as prompted by the the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights “Dear Colleague Letter.” In spite of the procedural changes, the University reiterated that confidential assistance is available from the Office of the Ombuds and University Faculty Ombuds.

According to the Office of Student Conflict Resolution report:
Confidential Assistance: Information about or assistance with sexual misconduct issues may be obtained from a variety of University resources. Prior to or concurrent with any review or investigation process, students may find it helpful to consult with a counselor or otherwise seek assistance. The following offices can provide advice and support. All information shared with these offices will remain confidential to the extent permitted by law and University policy. Discussions with representatives of these offices will not be considered a report to the University regarding the problematic behavior and will not, without additional action by the Complainant, result in sanctions or intervention.
(UM OSCR 2011-12 Report, see Appendix, p 17.) 

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Tom Lehker is the Ombudsman for students and Michael Welch is the Ombudsman for staff.

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