February 21, 2013

IOA Posts 2013 Conference Agenda, Opens Registration

Registration is now open for the Eighth Annual Conference of the International Ombudsman Association, April 19-24, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency in Miami, Florida. Special pricing is being offered for attendees who also register for a pre-conference professional development course. Priority registration closes on April 1.  

Here's an overview of the conference sessions:

Day One -- Monday, April 22, 2013

Conference Welcome & Opening Remarks

Keynote Address: "The Sustainable Ombuds: Taking Charge of Taking Care"R. Ellen Schreiber, M. Ed., Ombuds, University of Idaho

Plenary Session: "Human Rights and Citizenship: Impact and Effectiveness of Ombudsmen’s Offices in Brazil" — Maria Inês Fornazaro, President, Association of Ouvridores

IOA Strategic Planning:  Reshaping IOA to Advance the Organizational Ombudsman Field

Volunteer Recognition Lunch

Concurrent Sessions
  • "Virtual Mediations for an Economically Challenged Environment - Can They Be Effective?" — Susan Casino (Apollo Group, Inc.)
  • "Campus Unrest & Protest: What’s an Ombuds to do?" — Andrew Larratt-Smith (UC Riverside), Judy Bruner (UC San Diego)
  • "Helping Visitors Put ‘First Things First’" — Elisa Enriquez (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • "Lessons Learned from Evaluating an Ombuds-lite Program at the World Bank Group" — Thomas Zgambo (World Bank Group), Odile Rheaume (World Bank Group)
  • "Now That We’re Here, How Far Do We Go?" — Rita Franklin (Department of Energy), Cathy A. Barchi (Department of Energy)
  • "The Greased Tightrope: Navigating Issues of Identity within Ombuds Practice" — Wayne Blair (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Linda Brothers (National Institutes of Health), David E. Michael (National Institutes of Health), Indu Sen (International Baccalaureate)
Concurrent Sessions
  • "Norms and Variances in University Ombuds Practices" — Caitlan Hendrickson (University of Oregon)
  • "Ombuds Questioning Authority and 'Authorities': A Reflective Practice Panel Session" — Don Noack (Retired Corporate Ombuds), Howard Gadlin (National Institutes of Health), Craig Mousin (DePaul University), Mauricio "Reese" Ramos (Sandia National Laboratories), Mary Rowe (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • "Ombuds Outreach Services: Adding Value to the Ombudsman Role" — Ilene Butensky (Eaton Corporation), Gennette Tripari (Eaton Corporation)
  • "Dispute Resolution in Challenging Environments: Lessons From the Field" — John Barkat (United Nations), Doris Campos-Infantino (InterAmerican Development Bank), Jose Martinez (United Nations), Maria Montiel (United Nations), Nicholas Theotocatos (United Nations), Thomas P. Zgambo (World Bank Group)
  • "Conflicting Roles and Same Goals: Organizational Ombuds and the 1-800 Helpline" — Frank R. Baskind (Virginia Commonwealth University), Jacqueline L. Kniska (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • "The Ombuds as Trainer– Materials and Methods (Part 1)" — Melissa Brodrick (Harvard Medical School/Dental School/School of Public Health), David E. Michael (National Institutes of Health)

Day Two -- Tuesday, April 23, 2013 

Keynote Address: "Ombudsing and Law of Duality" — Gérard Sueur, Freelance Trainer/Manager, Formarep Co., France

IOA Annual Business Meeting (limited to IOA members only, no concurrent session for non-members)

Lunch / Lunch for Ombudsman New to the Profession & First Time Attendees Concurrent Sessions
  • "Help for PhD Students - Increasing the 50% Graduation Rate" — Jan Morse (University of Minnesota), Molly McAvoy (Hamline University), Matthew Hanson (University of Minnesota)
  • "The Un-wrenched Heart: Compassion Fatigue and the Organizational Ombuds" — Laurie Miller Patterson (Akron General Health System), Brian Bloch (Department of the Interior), Mary Rowe (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • "The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Communication in the Workplace" — Elisa Enriquez (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • "Organizational Change and Conflict: Challenges and Opportunities for the Ombudsperson" — Tom Ward (Clemson University)
  • "How does Ombuds work in China and the Asian Culture?" — Sophia Qiao (Eaton Corporation), Charmhee Kim (McKinsey), Devyani Singh (Eaton Corporation)
  • "Identifying Underlying Interests: Tips from Nature, History and the Cinema" — Kevin Coonrod (Dispute Resolution Center of King County)
Concurrent Sessions
  • "Branching Out: An Ombudsman’s Approach to Decision Trees and Risk" — John Barkat (United Nations), Nicholas Theotocatos (United Nations), Wendell Jones (Distinguished Emeritus Ombudsperson)
  • "'What Just Happened?' Capturing Lessons of Our Failures and Successes" — David E. Michael (National Institutes of Health), Francine Montemurro (Boston University)
  • "Workshop for Supervisors: Dealing with Conflict Among or Between Supervisees" — Tom Sebok (University of Colorado Boulder)
  • "Let 1000 Flowers Blossom: 10 Years of the European Network for Ombudsmen in Higher Education" Josef Leidenfrost (BMWF -Federal Ministry of Science and Research), Dolores Gomez-Moran (George Mason University)
  • "The Ombuds as Trainer – How to Market and Meet a Need (Part 2)" — Mary Chavez Rudolph (University of Colorado Denver), Elizabeth Hill (Apollo Group, Inc.), Linda Myers (National Institutes of Health), Susan Casino (Apollo Group, Inc.)
  • "360°: Benefits and Challenges in Serving Internal and External Stakeholders" — Indumati Sen (International Baccalaureate), Wayne Blair (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Pecha Kucha Cocktail Hour 
  • Facilited by Nicholas Diehl (American Red Cross) and Howard Gadlin (National Institutes of Health); Presentations by Doris Campos Infantino (InterAmerican Development Bank), Tom Sebok (University of Colorado Boulder), Wayne Blair (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Jose Martinez (United Nations), Judy Bruner (UC San Diego), Francine Montemurro (Boston University)

Day Three -- Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Keynote Address: "Adaptive Action: Beyond Conflict Resolution" — Glenda Eoyang, PhD, Executive Director, Human Systems Dynamics Institute

General Session: 
  • "Ombudsing by Sectors: Apples to Oranges?" Moderated by Lisa Witzler (National Institutes of Health) and Anamaris Cousins Price (Halliburton); Panelists Camilo Azcarate (World Bank Group), Sean A. Banks (Shell Oil Company), Howard Gadlin (National Institutes of Health), Marvin Neal (The Coca-Cola Company)
Forum Sector Discussions (World Café Format)

Networking Lunch

Concurrent Sessions
  • "When Intuition Meets Influence: Identifying and Reporting External Patterns as They Impact Your Organization" — Teresa Ralicki (American Red Cross), Elizabeth Hill (Apollo Group, Inc.), Ilene Butensky (Eaton Corporation), Marsha Wagner (Columbia University)
  • "Peacemaker in a Sick Society: The Role of Conflict in Defining Group and Organizational Identity" — Linda Brothers (National Institutes of Health)
  • "Who’s Out Front: Skills for the Ombuds Assistant" — Victoria Dowd (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Glenda Dickson (Clemson University), Jayla Henry (Haliburton), Tanisha McGill (World Bank Group)
  • "Ombuds and EO/AA: Change Agents for Individuals with Temporary Impairments" — Shreya Trivedi (University of Central Florida), Janet Park Balanoff University of Central Florida)
  • "Training Students as Peer Mediators: Capturing the Next Generation" — Barbara McCulloch (University of Auckland)
  • "How to Use Concept Mapping to Make Sense Out of Complex Conversations" — Edward Rogers (NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center)
Concurrent Sessions
  • "Update on Dear Colleague Letter and Confidentiality in the Education Sector" — Tom Kosakowski (UCLA), Judy Bruner (UC San Diego), Chuck Howard (Shipman & Goodwin LLP)
  • "Conflicts: What if I am the Common Denominator?" — Cole Struhar (San Diego Hospice and the Institute for Palliative Medicine)
  • "The Case for Ombuds Visibility within the Organization" — Randy Daron (UC San Francisco), Kathy Biala (UC San Francisco)
  • "Establishing a Leadership-Driven Ombuds Office: the Baker Hughes Experience" — Melanie Lewis (Baker Hughes), Bonnie Bonnivier (Baker Hughes), Dale Kunneman (Baker Hughes)
  • "Good Administration: Key ideas from Classical to Contemporary Ombudsing" — McKenna Lang (Taos Institute & Tilburg University), Josef Liedenfrost (BMWF -Federal Ministry of Science and Research), Karen Peterson (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), Nora Farrell (Ryerson University), Toni Robinson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • "Conflicts are Assets" — Joelle Thibault (Hydro-Quebec)
Many more details are on the IOA conference webpage. (Conference Brochure and Registration Form.) 

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