February 28, 2013

South East European University Opens Ombuds Office

The first private-public not for profit university in Macedonia has created an Ombuds program for students. According to a new webpage for the office, "The Ombudsman/woman is independent, impartial, confidential and fair." However, the site does not identify who fills the position.
Additional details describing the SEEU Ombuds, indicate that the position also has some investigatory authority:
The Ombudsman/woman may consult with staff and other students, inspect documents and obtain independent legal advice as required.  [¶] Following a formal investigation, s/he may make recommendations for resolution of the grievance to the Provost (academic issues), Secretary General (administrative or general issues) or President of the Student Parliament and Association. In very serious breaches, they may choose to report directly to the Rector and/or President of the Board.
SEEU was established in 2001 and enrolls about 7,000 students.  (SEEU Ombuds.)

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