February 14, 2013

Editorial Backs Ombuds for Yale

An editorial in today's Yale Daily News takes University President Richard C. Levin to task for refusing to consider an Ombuds. Staff writer Yishai Schwartz says, "The administration should never have ignored the Marshall Committee’s recommendation for the creation of a University-wide ombudsman, and Yale should reconsider its decision immediately." The editorial debunks Levin's stated opposition and offers several reasons why a Yale should follow the lead of other Ivies.
The creation of a formal University ombudsman would allow a central, easily identifiable campus address staffed by individuals who have the time, training and institutional room to really serve as an independent resource. Through a meaningful guarantee of anonymity and trained staff, it would inspire confidence. And by serving as a central clearinghouse for multiple sorts of issues, a University-wide ombudsman would lower the mental and emotional stakes for coming forward, drawing in the hesitant and uncertain. The creation of a University ombudsman would increase clarity, transparency and accessibility. Simply put, there does not appear to be a downside.
Schwartz hopes that a new administration will make a different decision. (Yale Daily News.)

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