February 25, 2013

Minnesota Department of Transportation Posts Ombuds Report

According to an annual report published in November 2012, the the MnDOT Ombudsman’s Office has handled more than 350 issues in its first three years of operation. Created in 2008, the office serves both the public and department, "helping to ensure both sides are heard and creative problem-solving takes place when traditional methods are unsuccessful." The report sets out six performance measures that other Ombuds programs may also find relevant:
  • Effectiveness (Statistical Measures)
  • Efficacy
  • Program Enhancements
  • Policy Changes
  • Value (Uncountable Measures)
  • Awareness (Internal and Public)
The MnDOT Transportation Ombudsman is Debra Ledvina, and she is assisted by three Deputy Ombudsmen: Chris Moates, Marcell Walker, and Jennifer Witt. (MnDOT Transportation Ombudsman 2011 Annual Report.)

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