February 15, 2013

Trustees Knock Eastern Michigan University President for Failing to Review Ombuds Function

In a performance review, EMU regents said president Susan Martin failed to meet expectations in several respect, including a request to evaluate the university's Ombuds program.  However, it was not clear why the Ombuds program was called into question.

The trustees wrote, "There were two new goals this review period specifically aimed at measuring satisfaction and evaluating the process and performance of those administrative areas that provide service students, faculty and staff." They cited the Ombuds in particular. "A review of the ombudsmen [sic] function and how this is performed at other Universities was not completed." Martin did not respond publicly to the review.  Gregory A. Peoples is the EMU Ombudsman. (AnnArbor.com; Review Letter.)

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1 comment:

  1. Pacifica will be pleased to execute a full review of the EMU Ombuds function. We have executed such reviews for many organizations in different arenas in any of several types of assessment including:
    1. Performance to Standards/Commitments;
    2. Experience of Users;
    3. Institutional Effect and Impact of Function; and
    4. Return on Investment.

    I will also be glad to inform the EMU Board of Regents that ombuds programs VERY RARELY UNDERTAKE "specifically...measuring satisfaction and evaluating the provided service..."

    John W. Zinsser
    Managing Principal
    Pacifica Human Communication, LLC.