September 02, 2014

Chapman University Debuts Ombuds Program

The private university in Orange, California has unveiled a website for its first Faculty Ombudsperson.  According to the site, Prof. James Brown practices to IOA standards and serves as an, "impartial dispute resolver who strives to see that faculty, and other members of the Chapman community with whom they interact, are treated fairly and equitably."

Brown is a Professor in Chapman's College of Educational Studies.  His current areas of scholarship include the study of Difficult Histories (e.g. the Holocaust and other genocides), Critical Pedagogy, and teacher education. Before working in higher ed, Brown taught in primary, elementary, middle and high schools.  He earned his PhD in Education at the University of Illinois.(Chapman Ombuds, Faculty Bio.)


  1. Andrew Larratt-Smith9/02/2014 8:53 AM

    I think Chapman has had a Ombuds for a couple of years now. I believe Louise Thomas was the founding Ombuds.

  2. Thanks, Andrew. Strangely, there is not any mention of her in the Ombuds role (or even an Ombuds program prior to Brown) anywhere on the site.