September 03, 2014

Updated Sexual Misconduct Policy at Colorado College Protects Disclosures to Ombuds

In June, the private liberal arts college in Colorado Springs adopted new sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual violence policies and procedures. The new policy specifies that the College Ombudsperson is one of several confidential resources for victims.

The policy states, in relevant part:
B.  Confidential Consultation: If you are the victim of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual violence or other prohibited conduct, you may contact a confidential source that is a member of the College community to discuss the conduct at issue and the options available to you including: seeking personal counseling; finding community resources to assist with the issue; pursuing resolution of the issue through the College’s informal or formal procedures; and reporting to the local police. This consultation will remain confidential and these sources are not required to reveal your identity to the College.
* * *
iv. College Ombudsperson: Staff and faculty may contact the College Ombudsperson, who acts as a confidential resource. The College Ombudsperson is Libby Rittenberg and can be reached at (719) 330-0410.
The new policy was posted to the College's website this week.  (Colorado College Policy.)

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