September 12, 2014

NorthWest Ombuds Group to Hold Second Practice Issues Conversation

The group of Ombuds in the U.S. northwest and Canada's western provinces will hold its second "Practice Issues Conversation" on September 23, 2014.  The event takes place by conference call, Twitter and email, and will focus on "How do Ombuds effectively impact change in their organizations or institutions?"

A flier for the event lays out additional questions for the participants:

  • What sources of hard and soft power Ombuds utilize to impact change?
  • What are additional strategies Ombuds use to impact change? 
  • How can Ombuds work with clients when change does not happen? 
  • How can Ombuds communicate with both clients and the organization or institution when change do not occur?
Contact the UW Ombud for more info.  (NWOG News; Flier.)

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