September 17, 2014

D.C. Schools Ombuds Reports on a Busy First Year

In a report released today, the Ombudsman for Public Education in Washington DC, Joyanna Smith says that she has re-started the office and handled 150 matters.  In the first six months, more than two-thirds of the 150 inquiries came from parents of DC public schools students and about a quarter from parents of charter school students.

Smith told the Washington Post, “We want to develop a culture where schools are learning to be more responsive to parents and to see them more as equal partners. I think a number of parents have been ignored.”  Start up activities also include the hiring of a full-time Associate Ombudsman, Elizabeth Tossell, and two fellows, Holland Rainey and Jason Amirhadji(Washington Post; DC Ombuds 2014 Report.)

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