September 16, 2014

Washington University School of Medicine Opens Ombuds Office

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has established an Ombuds Office for nearly 2,000 faculty members.  Professors Karen L. O'Malley and Jeff Lowell are the first Ombuds and their website went online just days ago.

O’Malley has been a faculty member for 30 years in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology. In addition to departmental service, she has served on the Faculty Senate Council and several school-wide committees.  In the spring of 2013, she completed a three-day training course and attended 4 days of seminars offered by the International Ombudsman Association, in anticipation of her appointment as Faculty Ombuds at the School of Medicine.

Lowell is Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics, and has been affiliated with Washington University since 1994. He has served in several leadership positions in the University, including as Assistant Vice Chancellor for Clinical Affairs / Executive Director for Medical Services for the Faculty Practice Plan. Locally, he helped establish the St. Louis Region’s system and organization for coordinating strategic disaster planning.

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