September 01, 2014

2014 ACR Conference Includes Two Sessions About Ombuds

Usually a few Ombuds present are presenters at the Association for Conflict Resolution's Annual Conference.  The conference this year, in Cincinnati on October 8-11, will include just one: ICANN Ombudsman, Chris LaHatte will be the featured speaker for ACR International Day.  His session is entitled, "Dealing with Cultural Difference in a Multi Stakeholder Environment." 

A later session, "Expanding Your Workplace Conflict Resolution Practice: Emerging Areas, Gaining Acceptability and Generating Income," will include Ombudsing along with other dispute resolution resources. The presenters are Dick Fincher, Michael Dickstein and Debra Dupreebe.  Priority registration ends September 19.  (ACR 2014 Conf Info.)  

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