September 16, 2014

Northern Illinois University Updates Title IX Policy and Protects Disclosures to Ombuds

NIU has published revised "Title IX Policy and Procedures" for its 25,000 students and other members of the university community. The updated policy acknowledges the need for students and employees to seek confidential or anonymous assistance.  The NIU Ombuds Office is specifically identified as one of those resources.   

The policy states in relevant part:
Addressing Sex-Based Misconduct.  Any student or employee (other than Responsible Employees) who witnesses and/or experiences what s/he believes is a form of sex-based misconduct as defined by this Policy is strongly encouraged to (1) file a formal Title IX Complaint, (2) file a police report, or (3) seek confidential counseling and/or assistance as described in this Policy.  

* * * 

3) Seek Confidential Counseling

Who Can Seek Confidential Counseling and Assistance:     Any employee or student may request that the matter involving sex-misconduct remain confidential and/or anonymous as defined by this policy.  Additionally, any student and/or employee may obtain assistance with filing a Title IX Complaint, Police Report and/or information regarding available counseling resources on campus and in the surrounding community.

What Confidential Resources are Available:  The University and DeKalb community provide confidential resources if you have suffered sex-based misconduct. Services include confidential counseling and medical services if needed. If you desire that sex-based misconduct be kept completely confidential, but need assistance, you can speak with any of the following persons or offices. These resources will not provide notice to the University of the alleged sex-based misconduct, an investigation into the matter will not result and the matter will remain confidential to the extent permissible at law. 
A report or complaint is not necessary to utilize these resources.

* * * 

NIU Office of the Ombudsperson
601 Holmes Student Center
(815) 753-1414

 (NIU University Policies and Procedures [emphasis in original].)

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