January 02, 2019

Job Posting: University of Minnesota

The of U of M has reopened its search for a Director for its Office for Conflict Resolution (not the Student Conflict Resolution Center headed by Jan Morse).  The position is currently held on an interim basis by Eric Schnell. The position provides informal dispute resolution services -- including private consultations, facilitated discussions, and mediation -- to non-bargaining unit faculty, staff, student employees, and administrators with employment-related concerns. It also manages a staff of three.

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree and at least ten years of experience. Preferred qualifications include an advanced degree, experience with budgets, and experience as an Ombuds. (HERC Jobs.)

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  1. Turns out this is not a new posting-- HERC just recycled the July posting which is still live on the UMN HR webpage.

    1. Thanks for clarifying, Mark. It's surprising to me that this search is taking so long.