January 07, 2019

Franciscan Podcast Urges Catholic Bishops to Appoint Ombuds

Greg Stone is a transformational mediator who leads Taming the Wolf, a non-profit dedicated to Franciscan peacemaking. In his latest podcast, Stone discusses the need for an Organizational Ombuds program within the Catholic Church. 

Here's the summary for the 11 minute podcast:

Catholic Bishops have become caught up in an explosion of scandals and cover-ups. Scandals have prompted new demands for lay involvement in oversight and accountability systems. Suggested solutions, however, have not included the Ombudsman model. In this episode we suggest that every diocese form an “Office of the Ombudsperson” — staffed with people trained in mediation, pastoral counseling, and spiritual direction.
The full text is also available. (TTW Podcast, Ep. #12.)

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