January 31, 2019

IOA Announces Agenda for 2019 Annual Conference

The International Ombudsman Association convenes its 13th annual conference at the Sheraton Hotel New Orleans on April 1-3, 2019. The three-day event will be familiar to anyone who has attended in recent years: the days start with keynote events from Ombuds and others professionals, plenary and concurrent sessions, and opportunities to hear from association leaders. The full agenda with presenter bios is now available and registration is open.

Monday, April 1

Conference Welcome and Opening Remarks

Mary Rowe Honorary Keynote Address

Presented by: Jon Lee, University of New Mexico
Networking Break

Keynote Address

Title: White Fragility
Presented by: Dr. Robin DiAngelo
Networking Break

Plenary Session

Title: Debrief of Keynote Address
Presented by: Dr. Robin DiAngelo
Volunteer Recognition Luncheon for All Conference Attendee

Concurrent Session One

The Ombuds on Bourbon Street: Office Closure
​Presented by: Reese Ramos, Bruce MacAllister & Melanie Jagneaux
Negotiation Coaching for Ombuds
Presented by: Roy Baroff & Elizabeth Hill 
Ombudsman Outreach
Presented by: Isabel Calderon, Gabor Kocsenda & Lorraine Medal
Being Asked to Dance: Ombuds in Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
Presented by: Elizabeth Stone & Jon Lee
Codependency and Ombuds Work: Explorations of Helpfulness, Motive, and Self-Care
Presented by: Thomas Griffin
Creating Conditions for Critical Discussions: Honest Reflections on Our Practice
Presented by: Mollie Berg, Guy Weber & Tyler Smith
Networking Break​​​

​​​​Concurrent Session Two

Updating the IOA Code of Ethics for the #MeToo Era
Presented by: David Rasch & Caroline Adams
MLK, Master Ombuds? Applying Kingian Principles of Nonviolence to Ombudsing
Presented by: Birthe Reimers & Chris Vermillion
Emerging Initiatives – Psychological Health and Safety
Presented by: Blaine Donais & Michelle Phaneuf
The Kiwi Way: Innovating the Way We Ombuds
Presented by: Jennifer Mahony
Fairy Tale Fishbowl
Presented by: Teresa Ralicki, CO-OP & Adam Barak Kleinberger, CO-OP
Work Bravely: Exploring Alternative Means of Doing the Work
Presented by: Angela Dash, Toby Hervey, Sarah Sheehan & Tom Kosakowski

Tuesday, April 2

Keynote Address

Presented by: Andy Fass
Networking Break

Sector Meetings

IOA Annual Business Meeting (IOA members only)

Lunch for All Conference Attendees

Newcomers Lunch (RSVP Required)

​​​​Concurrent Session Three​ 

What Would a New Ombuds Do? Navigating Ethical Principle Dilemmas
Presented by: Shreya Trivedi, Ronnie Thomson, Melissa Connell, Dolores Moran & Jon Lee
Finding a Seat at the Table: Enhance Ombuds' Impact
Presented by: Sarah Espinosa & Julie Weber
Models and Skills for Handling Difficult Conversations
Presented by: Barbara Beatty
Chaos, Quests, and Restitution
Presented by: Mac Stricklen
Factors Involved in Deciding to Add or Retain an Ombuds
Presented by: Mike Rozinsky
Fight on Conflict Mountain: The Gamification of Workplace Mediation Training
Presented by: Stephanie Westmyer
Concurrent Session
Experience on Display
Presented by: Teresa Ralicki & Adam Barak Kleinberger
Networking Break
Concurrent Session Four
The Furious Ombuds
Presented by: Jason Byron
The Ombuds Lacuna: When There are No Words
Presented by: Katherine Greenwood, Patricia Ponce, Karen Peterson, Valerie White & Thomas Griffin
Discussing the Undiscussable:  When National Cultures and Organizational Cultures Clash
Presented by: Wayne Blair
Being Ombuds-Calm When Providing Calm:  Examining Our Practice
Presented by: Jean Civikly-Powell
Informed Practice Requires Empirical Evidence: Implications from IOA Practice Survey
Presented by: Timothy Hedeen, Jennifer Schneider & Mary Rowe
Annual Reports as Catalyst for Change
Presented by: David Michael & Melanie Jagneaux
Networking Break

Pecha Kucha Cocktail Hour

Wednesday, April 3
Plenary Session
Title: Institutional Sexual Harrassment: Research Findings and Eradication - Through Education And International Policy Enforcement
Presented by: Gulrukh Khan, Shola Mos Shogbamimu & Jacqueline Onalo
Networking Break

Plenary Session

Title: The Howard Gadlin Undebate 
Presented by: TBA
Networking Lunch & Closing Remarks
Concurrent Session Five
50 Shades of Conflict: Addressing Gray Areas in the Ombuds Practice
Presented by: Bina Patel & Deanne Yuille
Equity, Inclusion, and Allyship in the Ombud Office
Presented by: Emma Phan, Chuck Sloane & Prisca Youn
Dear Data:  Identifying Trends Through Data Collection, Usage, and Reporting​
Presented by: Julia Heck
Sometimes You Lead, Sometimes You Follow: Exploring Ombuds Transitions
Presented by: ​Dawn Osborne-Adams, Nicholas Diehl, Judi Segall, Wayne Blair & Francine Montemurro
Identifying & Addressing Protracted Conflict Through Long-term Intergroup Intervention
Presented by: Tyler Smith
Advanced Perspective-Shifting for Ombuds
Presented by: Vik Kapoor, Cindy Mazur & Alan Sieler
Networking Break​
Concurrent Session Six
Building a Speak Up Culture: Transforming Silence into Dialogue
Presented by: Elisa Enriquez
Is There an App for That?
Presented by: Amanda Dean
A Multi-modal Model for Resolving Conflict in Organizations
Presented by: S. Michael Hare
21st Century Ombudsman
Presented by: Debby Hyde, Gabor Kocsenda & Williem Kweens
SALSA: Dance of the Dialogue
Presented by: Lynne Chaillat & Charmhee Kim
Visitor Journey Mapping : A Tool for Ombuds Offices
Presented by: Martha Patrick
Conclusion of Conference

Early registration ends February 1, 2019. (IOA 2019 Conf Info.)

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  1. Sounds exciting! Just a clarification that the panel on perspective shifting includes Brian Bloch and no longer includes Alan Sieler. Sorry about the apparent oversight, Brian!