January 06, 2020

SUNY Potsdam Expands Ombuds Program to Entire Campus

In response to student demands seeking improved treatment of ethnic minorities in 2016, the State University of New York in Potsdam appointed Professor Alan L. Hersker, as its first Ombuds "for students going through the student conduct process." In 2018, the SUNY faculty senate recommended the implementation of an Ombuds office that would also serve faculty and staff; this week, it was unveiled. 

The SUNY Ombuds Program will be staffed by selected faculty and staff, who have not yet been identified. 
The Ombuds Program is housed under the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, but operates as an independent structure. It will make regular, and as needed, reports to the President and senior administration on the need for policy adjustments, or for the development of new policies and procedures based on the assessments of the activities of the OPT.
The program is expected to follow IOA standards. (SUNY Potsdam Ombuds Program; Faculty Senate Post Plenary Report.)

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