January 28, 2020

Short Window to Nominate 2020 IOA Distinguished Emeriti

The International Ombudsman Association is soliciting nominations for the Distinguished Emeritus Award. Each year the IOA Nominations and Governance Committee solicits nominations to recognize outstanding and dedicated service to the organization and Ombuds profession. The award was not given in 2019. Completed nomination forms are due January 31. Last year, nominations were due at the end of February.

Presented at the IOA Annual Conference, recipients receive complimentary, non-transferable membership status along with a complimentary registration to the conference for the year that they receive the honor. Nominators should complete and submit the nomination form along with three letters of support (one of which can be from the nominator). Nominees must have retired by December 31, 2018 and have a significant record of service. Additional criteria are listed on the nomination form. Nominations are due today. (IOA DE Nomination.)

Past recipients of this award have included:
  • Vicky Brown, University of Central Florida 
  • John Carter, The Citadel 
  • Ingrid Clarke, Southern Illinois University 
  • Claudia D'Albini, University of Arizona 
  • Wendy Friede, American Express
  • Howard Gadlin, National Institutes of Health 
  • Tim Griffin, Northern Illinois University 
  • Helen Hasenfeld, California Institute of Technology 
  • Wilbur Hicks, International Monetary Fund 
  • Wendell Jones, Sandia National Laboratories 
  • Alan Lincoln, University of Massachusetts Lowell 
  • James Lee, United Nations 
  • David Miller, World Health Organization
  • Carolyn Noorbakhsh, National Renewable Energy Laboratory 
  • Don Perigo, University of Michigan 
  • Toni Robinson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Mary Rowe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
  • Janis Schonauer, Alliance-Bernstein 
  • Ellen Schreiber, University of Idaho
  • Tom Sebok, CO-OP, University of Colorado Boulder 
  • Robert Shelton, University of Kansas 
  • Albin Swenson, CO-OP, Chevron Corporation 
  • Marsha Wagner, Columbia University 
  • Margo Wesley, University of California, Berkeley 
  • Ella Wheaton, University of California, Berkeley 
  • Linda Wilcox, Harvard Medical School 
  • Randy Williams, Redmond, Williams & Associates, LLC 
  • Gary Yamashita, Chevron Corporation
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  1. Retirements in 2019 included: Joy Coben, University of British Columbia; Liz Lieberman, Wellesley College [retired in 2018, but not previously announced]; J. Kathleen Moore, National Institutes of Health; Belinda Newman, University of North Texas [retired in 2018, but not previously announced]; Jackie Osborne, Chevron Corporation; Lee Potts, University of Colorado, Boulder; Lee Twyman; Rochester Institute of Technology; and Elaine Wynn, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.