January 06, 2020

American Academy of Religion Appoints First Ombuds, Seeks Additional Nominees

The world's largest association of scholars in the field of religious studies has named Laurie L. Patton as its first Ombudsperson and seeks nominations to fill two additional positions.  AAR Ombuds are elected by members and are charged with representing the interests of the AAR membership by addressing complaints of policy violations. The role of the AAR Ombuds was created by newly-updated Professional Conduct Procedures. 

The AAR Ombuds are not defined by IOA standards. The work is not neutral or informal, and there is no indication of confidentiality. Here's a fuller description:
The AAR Ombudspersons work with the AAR’s Committee on Professional Conduct. The Ombudspersons are elected AAR members who are charged with representing the interests of the AAR membership by addressing complaints of a violation of AAR policies as specified by the Professional Conduct Procedures.
The AAR Ombudspersons are responsible for receiving reports of professional misconduct and facilitating the investigation, adjudication and informal resolution processes under the Professional Conduct Policy. The Ombudspersons, serve in staggered three-year terms and are elected by the AAR membership.
According to the call for nominations, AAR will provide training for the Ombudspersons. The request for nominees went out about December 20, 2019 and closes today, January 6, 2020.

Laurie L. Patton, the first AAR Ombuds lead the effort to update the association's professional conduct procedures during her term as president in 2019. Patton is an American academic, author, and poet who the current President of Middlebury College. (AAR Board Minutes, Committee on Professional Conduct, Call for Nominations.)

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