January 03, 2020

IOA Announces Agenda for 2020 Conference in Portland

The International Ombudsman Association has released some of the agenda for its 14th annual conference set for Portland, Oregon, March 30 to April 1, 2020. Keynotes and plenary topics have not been announced yet, but break out sessions are now set. More details will be posted when available. Meanwhile, pre-conference trainings are starting to fill up.

Monday, March 30

Opening Experience

Mary Rowe Honorary Keynote Address [TBA]

Concurrent Session Block One

Ombuds Guide: When Visitor Concerns Include DMs, Subtweets, or Going Viral, Breanne Taylor (Emerging)
Ombuds Service Database Design, Analysis, & Visualization, Lisa Yamagata-Lynch (Emerging)
Breaking in & Breaking Out: Opening a New Ombuds Office as an Outsider, Amanda Dean, Reese Ramos, Mark Patterson, Tom Kosakowski (Emerging)
Tetris vs. Minecraft: Reimagining the Ombuds Role in "New Power" Dynamics, Shannon Lynn Burton (Established)
Circle Process Innovations: Ombuds Tools for Evolved Facilitation, Mediation, & Inclusive Institutional Policy, David Noganosh, Andrea Pacheco, Robert Harper (Established)
The Four Questions Every Ombuds Should Ask, Peter Armijo (Experienced)
Volunteeer Recognition Lunch

Concurrent Session Block Two

The Future of Organizations: Is There a Role for Ombuds?, Rita Callahan, Mary Conger (Emerging)
Fairy Tale Fishbowl, Adam Kleinberger, Teresa Ralicki (Established)
Enhancing Access, Partnerships & Outreach Through Innovative Technologies, Paula Couselo-Findikoglu, Bruce MacAllister (Established)
Lessons from Negotiated Classrooms: Managing Clap-Back Culture, Israela Brill-Cass (Established)
The Meeting Game — An Interactive, Artistic & Creative Method of Facilitating Difficult Conversations, Don Greenstein, Caroline Woolard (Established)
A Multi-Modal Model for Resolving Conflict in Organizations, S. Michael Hare (Established)
Plenary Session [TBA]

Structured Networking Groups

Experience: On Display, Gallery Opening

Tuesday, March 31

Opening Experience

Keynote Address [TBA]

Networking Break

Concurrent Session Block Three

Addressing Abusive Conduct, Including Sexual Harassment, as an Ombudsman, Gabrielle Kluck, Tjitske DeJong (Emerging)
Elevating Leadership: How Ombuds Can Improve Organizations through Developing Leaders, Caroline Adams, Caitlin Hendrickson (Emerging)
The NASA Ombuds Challenge: From Tragedy to Strategy, Xaivian Raymond, Brandi Quam, Pete Wilczynski (Established)
Ombuds as Sources of Help & Hope: Compassionately Exploring the Complexities of Campus Death by Suicide, Katherine Greenwood, Kevin Coonrod (Established)
Dealing with Student Issues on a National & on an Institutional Basis: Reconciling the Irreconcilable?, Josef Leidenfrost, Natalie Sharpe (Experienced)
Beyond Conflict: Ombuds as Advocates for Systemic Change, Sara Thacker, Julia Horvath (Experienced)
Networking Lunch

Concurrent Session Block Four

What Would a New Ombuds Do? Navigating Ethical Principle Dilemmas, Shreya Trivedi, Jon Lee, Ronnie Thomson, Melissa Connell, Linda Falkson, David Michael, Dolores Gomez-Moran (Emerging)
Strategies for Addressing Title IX & Sexual Harassment Concerns with Visitors, Christina Sabee (Emerging)
The Ombuds Dilemma: Can We Impact Systemic Oppression & Inequality While Remaining a Designated Neutral?, DeShaunta Johnson (Emerging)
Active Bystanders Training: Building a Culture of Allyship in Your Workplace, Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, Tatyana Fertelmeyster (Established)
Expanding Ombuds Programs Internationally: Findings of 20 Field Vice Presidents - What do they think?, Sophia Qiao, Charmhee Kim, Sam Zhou, Rachel Liu (Established)
Something Wicked This Way Comes: Corrupt Leadership, the Ombuds, & the Tragedy of Macbeth, David Rasch (Experienced)
Sector-Based Networking or Structured Networking Groups

Reception and Pecha Kucha Experience

Wednesday, April 1

Opening Experience

Plenary Session [TBA]

Networking Break

Concurrent Session Block Five
Cultivating Trust in the Workplace, Kim Axelrod, Shandell Sosna (Emerging)
Wellness for Practitioners, Nolan Kagetsu (Emerging)
Confronting Imminent Risk: Considering Exceptions to Confidentiality, Ryan Smith (Emerging)
Supervision for Ombuds: Growing the Profession Through Supportive, Ethical, Reflective Practice, Fred Wright, David Miller (Established)
The Use & Misuse of Apology, Forgiveness & Reconciliation for Conflict Coaches, Peter Robinson (Established)
Walking the Tightrope: Managing Boundaries & Tensions, Judi Segall, Courtney N. Wright (Established)
Lunch Break

Concurrent Session Block Six
Conflict Transformation: A Model for Understanding Visitors' Conflict Experience & Maintaining Ombuds’ Emotional Balance & Neutrality, Kristine Paranica (Emerging)
Tactical Empathy & the Ombuds Function, Amarah Khan (Emerging)
Psychological Barriers to Mediation: Dealing with the Traumatizing Effects of Workplace Conflicts, Balissa Balint (Established)
Ombuds: The Authenticity Paradox, Thomas Griffin, D.A. Graham (Established)
Robust Evaluation: "Not Your Standard Survey", William Hall, Mary Chavez Rudolph, Sigal Shoham (Established)
The Delicate Dance, Bill Maurer, Carolyn Esposito, Lauren Marx (Experienced)
Networking Break

Keynote Address [TBA]

Conference Closing Experience

Registration is now open and early discounts are available until February 14. (IOA 2020 Conf Schedule.)

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