September 15, 2020

Job Posting: U.S. Board of Veterans' Appeals

The administrative tribunal within the Department of Veterans Affairs is hiring a Program Specialist Ombudsman. The full-time position serves as the lead principal advisor and designated neutral party for dispute resolution and conflict management within the Board. The job is based in in Washington, DC and some travel is required, but it is also eligible for telework. The position has existed since at least 2016 (according to ACUS), but little information is publicly available.

Applicants must have experience "utilizing counseling techniques, employing standard and experimental alternative dispute resolution principles and techniques, developing and conducting training and education programs, analyzing Title IX compliance, employing climate assessment techniques, and formulating policy guidance." In addition, applicants must be U.S. citizens and pass a background check for a security clearance. The GS-14 position pays $121,316 to $157,709 per year and applications are due by September 25, 2020. (FederalGovernmentJobs.)

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