September 17, 2020

University of South Carolina Aiken has a New Ombuds

Earlier this year, USCA appointed Melencia Johnson as its next Student Ombuds, refilling a position held most recently by Brittney D. Alls. Johnson serves about 3,300 students at the public university in the Central Savannah River Area of South Carolina. Johnson practices to all four tenets for Organizational Ombuds and her website has unique language about neutrality. She explains that she "is impartial, serving as neither advocate nor apologist for any members or offices of the USC Aiken community."

Johnson takes on the Ombuds position and continues as an Associate Professor of Sociology. Johnson graduated from Norfolk State University, and earned an MA and PhD at the Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. (USCA Ombuds; LinkedIn.)

Yesterday, USCA's president endorsed the Student Ombuds in his response to an insentive comment by the school's long-time baseball coach about the Black Lives Matter movement. (WDRW News.)

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