September 16, 2020

University of Texas Austin Names Two New Faculty Ombuds

UT Austin has selected Caroline Bartel and Chris McCarthy to be Faculty Ombuds, filling a position held by Mary Steinhardt from 2008 until earlier this year. Historically, UT's Faculty Ombuds has operated independently from the older Student Ombuds office. But recently, the two programs have created a joint website.

Bios from the website:
Dr. Caroline Bartel is a professor in the McCombs School of Business. Her research and teaching focus on sustaining employee engagement in the workplace, particularly in organizations and professions undergoing change. Dr. Bartel has studied how organizations in various industries can maintain the motivation, performance and commitment of employees during times of organizational growth as well as decline. She has examined an array of change initiatives, such as corporate citizenship and community outreach, virtual work and telecommuting, and organizational restructuring. A main theme in her work is how organizational cultures and systems affect the degree to which employees feel respected and valued at work.

Dr. Chris McCarthy is a professor and interim chair in the Department of Educational Psychology. Dr. McCarthy’s specialization is in Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology and he teaches courses in career development, counseling skills, and group counseling. His research interests include stress and coping in educational contexts, career development, and group counseling. Dr. McCarthy’s current scholarly focus is on researching factors that cause stress for K – 12 teachers and developing interventions to help teachers thrive. Dr. McCarthy is a member of the American Counseling Association, the Association for Specialists in Group Work, and the American Educational Research Association.

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